AdWords For Your Small Business

Creating an AdWords account should be your small business’ top priority. To further drive sales of your products and services, you need to consider advertising on Google with AdWords. Paid text search has revolutionized how companies market to their audience. Your marketing budget may not be large, but small business owners will see improved clicks and sales with even a small investment in an AdWords campaign. 

Quick Results

Implemented in October of 2000, Google AdWords quickly became a successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. Today, AdWords (now renamed Google Ads) is a system worth an estimated $38 billion and is the #1 used advertising tool by most businesses. Over the years, the algorithms and operating systems have been significantly improved. 

You will find that AdWords is easy to use and the results are virtually instant. As soon as your campaign is approved, you can start seeing traffic in a matter of minutes. Simply enter the appropriate keywords you want to target your audience and then enter a maximum bid. After you hit submit, you just sit back and watch all the traffic flow to your website. You’ll also be impressed by how convenient it is to adjust your marketing costs at any time. Other strategies can take months to kick in before you reap the benefits, but not AdWords. Methods like search engine optimization (SEO), rely on organic keyword searches to drive traffic but takes much longer for Google to recognize. With AdWords, it’s possible to start getting sales leads on the same day you start your campaign. 

Potential Audience Reach

If you’re looking for a marketing strategy that is easily scalable, then AdWords is the perfect solution. Millions of keywords are available for companies to bid on including new ones every single day. Having such keyword flexibility means there’s endless opportunity to target your audience. 

You can keep adding new keywords to your campaign to increase your traffic. The higher up you are on the rankings means the more clicks and more traffic you’ll get. By increasing the bid on your keywords you’ll attract many visitors.

Don’t blindly set your keywords and forget about them, however, monitoring which keywords are having success and which ones are not will keep you from wasting money. Because keywords are ranked on a bidding system, by paying more per click you essentially increase your position on the rankings. If you are currently in position 6 and increase your spending budget, then you could jump up to a higher position.

Useful Analytics

AdWords statistics allow users to see how well their campaigns are performing in almost real-time and help guide them toward be making changes if needed. These pay-per-click statistics break down valuable information like the average cost per click, advert position, and even conversion rate.

Business owners have a chance to make an imprint in the digital marketing world when they utilize AdWords. it can help you make decisions on where to spend your money. If you’re looking at a very high converting keyword then it’s probably best to increase your spend for that keyword. 

Using advanced data to drive your business decisions is smart. AdWords is a resource that you can rely on to improve clicks and ultimately, sales. No other digital advertising can give you the overall flexibility quite like AdWords. 

Monitor The Competition

You’ll always have competitors that are attempting to cherrypick from your traffic. No matter if they’re running similar PPC campaigns or full-service SEO services, the competition will always be present. AdWords presents an opportunity to outdo your competition, but only for the right price.

There’s a chance your competitors are investing exclusively in SEO to get to page 1 on Google, so then you can easily beat them with a PPC campaign. When you bid high enough on a keyword you can jump above the organic search results and outrank your competitors who are spending lots of time and resources on SEO. The catch is that you always have to pay for AdWords where SEO is free.

By chance, if your competitor is also running a PPC campaign, then you can always outbid them and push them below you. The benefit of outbidding the competitor on AdWords is it makes them lose traffic and clicks and improves the chances that those visitors will now visit your website instead. By outbidding your competitors you can divert from their traffic and redirect them to your site. Your budget will always be a major consideration here.

Easy To Cancel

AdWords policy on canceling service is that if you’re not satisfied with your campaign, then you can stop it at any time. Compare that to a different type of advertising like print marketing which may require businesses to commit to several months of content building. 

With AdWords, you can stop a campaign in a matter of seconds and even pause them if you want to enable them later. This gives you ultimate control over your spending. Seasonal businesses will find this feature to be useful because they can set a shut-off date when business slows.

Final Thoughts

If your small business is struggling with other tactics that aren’t improving sales, you should consider investing in an AdWords campaign. The flexibility to manage your spending, and cancel at any time make the decision a no-brainer.