Pay Per Lead Advertising

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Your end goal as a business owner is to get leads. Your options to get leads can involve paying a lot of money for people who will simply not even consider your business. Any time you pay for digital advertising that is cost-per-impression or cost-per-click, you are risking spending money on people who will never even submit a form on your website or give you a call.

By paying for leads directly, you can cut out this wasted step and only pay for what matters: leads. Two popular forms of PPL advertising include:

  • Google Local Service Ads
  • Buying Leads from Aggregators

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It can be tempting to look toward lead aggregators as the answer for your business. Purchasing leads can seem like the perfect solution for lead generation, but the truth is, it’s just not as effective. There are better ways to get more effective leads quickly. Sales Lead City has been trusted since 2006 to handle pay-per-lead advertising for a wide range of clients.

Google Local Service Ads

This is a fairly new pay-per-lead service from Google. These are location-based ads for certain industries including moving companies, electricians, and more. These appear at the top of Google SERPs and have the name of the company, their Google Review rating, their hours, and a Google tracking phone number that you can click to call.

For these ads, you get charged per call. Of course, not all calls are real customers. Google does have the option to dispute calls, but it isn’t guaranteed that you will get your money back. The cost per lead varies, depending on your location and industry, but you do have control over the budget you set. Here at Sales Lead City, we’ll help you set it up and get your phones ringing.

Buying Leads

A very popular form of pay-per-lead is directly buying leads. One popular option for online leads is Equate Media. They have options for a ton of business, including moving leads, logistics leads, home service leads, and even lead generation to get people to sign up for your dating app. They even have custom solutions to fit your unique brand needs.

Even with this trusted source of online leads, there is still a huge risk when it comes to buying leads. Here are some of the biggest downsides and risks that come with purchasing leads:

  • Lack of Long-Term Success: When buying leads, you are setting yourself up to succeed only in the short term. You may be getting enough business to keep your entire operation busy, but the moment you stop buying leads this will go away. Other avenues of bringing in leads, such as SEO, are much better solutions to generate leads in the long-term.
  • Poor Start to Relationship with Customers: For any business, but especially one with the potential for repeat business, establishing a good relationship with your customers is key. When buying leads, you violate their trust and you make it difficult to build that relationship. They weren’t seeking your brand out, which means you have to start from the ground up to create trust.
  • Less Efficient Lead Qualification: You don’t just need leads, you need leads that you can qualify. The best way to do this is to draw out organic leads. People discovering you while seeking out the product or service that you offer leads to much more genuine interest and makes those leads much easier to turn into sales. If they didn’t directly give you their contact info, they can see you as interruptive.

There are perks to buying leads; you get leads immediately and you (typically) get what you are paying for. However, it most likely isn’t the best call for your business. Other options, such as digital advertising or search engine optimization, can be the best for helping take your business to the next level.

Trust Sales Lead City for Your Pay Per Lead Advertising Campaign

The most effective way to use pay-per-lead advertising is to trust the experts. Sales Lead City has been trusted since 2006 and has a highly qualified team. The best part? We top it all off with our sterling service. We have a real office that is fully staffed in Troy, Michigan. With Sales Lead City, you can rest assured that we’ll answer your calls and emails right away.

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