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Quick Read

Sales Lead City are the experts for SEO lead generation services. We have been trusted for years, ever since 2006, by many types of companies to handle their search engine optimization. Our expert services have been honed over time. Our process is such that everything we do is built for your company. That process includes:

  • First Online Meeting: Where we discuss with you how our SEO services can be tailored to best fit your company.
  • Brainstorming Strategy: This is when we go over your site with you and plan for the road ahead.
  • SEO Optimization Process: We make immediate changes to optomize your site including reviewing Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, and more, as well as, over time, writing pages, creating blogs, getting backlinks, and more.
  • Monthly Review: We give you the chance to sit down with us, in-person or over video chat, and go over what has been done for your site, what our plans are for the future, and review the analytics of your site.

This process is how we avoid giving a one-size-fits-all approach. To learn more, or ask any questions, fill out this contact form or reach out to us at (248) 637-5985.

If you’re looking for organic leads with long-term success, Sales Lead City’s SEO services are your best bet. Paid leads can seem like the easier option, until you realize how difficult it is to turn paid ads into leads. The “Rule of 7” is something that’s been thrown around in the advertising industry for decades, stating that consumers need to see an advertisement 7 times before they act. That number stemmed from research dating all the way back to the 1930’s. Nowadays, with much more advertising surrounding people every day, it will take even more than seven impressions to get a lead. Instead, look towards organic leads through SEO to get customers more efficiently by having them find you through Google Search Results.

Sales Lead City is a team of experts in the SEO industry. We have been trusted by a wide-range of clientele, from movers to retail stores to e-commercial stores, to handle SEO services as well as website design and pay-per-lead advertising. Don’t put your website in the hands of a company with little experience. Go with an agency built to handle everything you need, get you leads, and give you peace-of-mind in your company’s success.

First Online Meeting

It’s important to remember right from the start that this is a partnership. Search engine optimization is a process that happens over time in order to yield long-term success. That’s why the first step in the process is an online meeting. In this we fully layout what the goals are for your site and what the process is from our side.

We don’t just want to give you blanket services. Ever since our start in 2006 we have rejected the one-size-fits all approach. Our services are tailorable to fit exactly what you need. We will lay out everything we offer and see how it can best suit your business.

Brainstorming Strategy

This is the project kickoff meeting. After our account associate takes an in-depth look at your site, we will begin the strategic marketing planning process. To do this, we consider how your site is currently performing, how it navigates, and what your competitors are doing.

Some key points that we look at include:

  • The Call-to-Action(s). Examples include a prompt to call a number, visit in-person, and fill out a contact or quote form.
  • How optimized your site is for mobile.
  • Whether you have a unique selling proposition.

There are also technical points that need to be discussed here. Depending on what your site has or needs, we will need to be given access or credentials for certain things including the hosting for your site, FTP, domain registrar, and more.

SEO Optimization Process

Once we have the credentials and access that are required and once we have a plan in place, we are ready to begin the SEO optimization process. This is where we implement what was discussed in the previous meetings. This step has two parts: immediate changes and changes over time.

Immediate Changes:

  • Review and rewrite all Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and H1’s.
  • Add any missing Call-to-Actions including phone numbers, contact forms, and quote forms to the viewport, which is the area of the homepage that people see without scrolling.
  • Examine, verify, and update all Local Search listings including Google My Business, Yelp, and more.

Changes Over Time:

  • Create keyword-optimized pages for your site to rank highly and drive in traffic.
  • Write strategic blogs to capitalize on certain keywords and make you a respected authority in the field.
  • Create “Explainer Videos” which are put on the site and detail a service provided.
  • Optimize existing pages for certain keywords.
  • Build backlinks with high authority sites.
  • Continuously monitor how the site is ranking and how your competitors are ranking for those same keywords.

We also provide other services to help your site as well. One of these is PPC advertising, which can be utilized alongside SEO to get leads quickly while the site is being built for long-term success. The other is website building, which is key for those who don’t have a site or have one that isn’t well optimized.

Optimizing your site for SEO is key for getting free leads. Over time you rank higher and higher on more and more keywords on Google, which leads to an increase in traffic. With your site optimized with proper Call-to-Actions and easy navigation, this traffic gets converted into leads.

Monthly Reviews

While we do continuously monitor how your site is doing, we make sure to offer monthly reviews where we go over what has been done with your account, gameplan future plans for your site, and take a look at how your site is performing compared to the previous period or year.

The first step is going over what has been done. This means going over what was discussed in the last monthly review meeting as well as anything significant that was added in the period between the two meetings.

Next, we go over our plans for the future of the site. That means any design changes, any pages that could be added, or even any ideas to change the branding of the site. To rank highly on Google Search Results Pages, you have to be adding fresh content and staying ahead of the game. As we plan for our SEO campaign for your site we want to work with you to ensure that it fits your vision of the company.

Finally, we go over the data. In the end, data is the most important way to assess a marketing strategy. We show you the results of our work by going over Google Analytics, SEMrush, Google Search Console, and more. Our goal here is to show you the trends of your site by comparing your current data with historic data. This helps us determine what SEO strategies are working for your site and what needs to change.

Begin Your SEO Optimization With Sales Lead City

The Google algorithm is complex and constantly changing. Don’t try to keep up with this yourself, trust the experts! Our SEO services are built with generating leads as the main goal. Take your business to the next level and guarantee long-term success with our SEO services with sterling customer care.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how our services can help your business, give us a call at (248) 637-5985 or fill out our online contact form.