Free Site Audit

Do you need a site audit? If you want your website to be visible to your customers, the first step you should take is conducting an SEO website audit. A free SEO audit will provide your business with a strategy to increase your ranking on search results and convert more users into sales.

Below are the benefits of using a free website auditor.

  • Determines Your Website’s Current SEO Weaknesses
  • Identifies the SEO Activities Your Competitors are Performing Well In
  • Helps Focus Your SEO Strategy for Your Website
  • Provides Action Steps to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Free Site Audit

Free Site Audit

When you choose Marketers For Movers for your site audit services, you will be getting valuable insight for absolutely no charge! Our SEO experts have an extensive audit process that examines the following areas:

  • Indexing: One of the most common SEO errors is not allowing search engines to properly index your website. Indexing pages, SEO content, title tags, images, and videos efficiently allow you to gain better rankings and reach more customers.
  • AMP Issues: Another one of the main issues we discover when we perform a digital marketing audit is a website not being mobile-friendly. AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) have become a more important ranking factor over the last decade. With more and more consumers doing their shopping from their phones, having a site that performs well on a cell phone goes a long way in converting leads.
  • Broken Links: Google is constantly crawling pages all over the internet. The bots are gathering information, determining the authority and trustworthiness of a website, and deciding which companies to put in front of users’ eyes. Broken links are a huge red flag to the Google Search Console and don’t allow all your great content and services to be seen.

How Our Technical SEO Audit Works

When you sign up for our free technical audit, we will comb over every page of your website to check the health of the pages, links and structure. As we crawl through the pages on your site, we will be gathering:

# of Healthy Pages
# of Broken Links
# of Pages That Have Issues
# of Redirects
# of Blocked Pages

We will also show your most serious SEO errors including:

# of AMP Style and Layout Issues
# of Pages with Low Text-to-HTML Ratio
Sitemap Issues
Other Limiting SEO Factors

Following our audit, we will give you a health report that is broken down into three main categories: Errors, Issues and Warnings.

Improving Your Site Audit Score – The Best SEO Checker

Our on-page SEO audit will provide you with free advice and action steps that will allow your business to increase sales immediately. The world of SEO can be tough to navigate if you aren’t familiar with the territory. That’s why Marketers For Movers gives you tangible advice that you can implement right away.

To start your site audit today, fill out the form above. We will reach out to you to learn more about your business and what your goals are. From there, we perform our free site audit and present our results. Don’t waste another sales opportunity!